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Luyện thi ETS TOEIC – Test 3: Reading (Phần 2) – Học Hay

Questions 186-190 refer to the following invoice and e-mails. 

McGivern Wholesale
1486 Beden Trail, Brampton ON L6R 2K7
905-555—0158  +www.mcgivernwholesale.ca

Ordered By: Deshauna’s Creations

Order Date: October 12


Item Name


Price Each






3 m table linens, cream

25 cm dinner plates, pale blue

50 cm sewing dishes, white

350 ml water goblets, amber













Subtotal: $569.00

Tax(HST): $73.97

Shipping: $30.00

Total: $672.97

Payment is due upon receipt.


To: Pete McGivern <pete.mcgivern@mcgivernwholesale.ca>
From: Deshauna Jacques <deshaunajacques@deshaunascreations.ca>
Subject: October order
Date: October 17

Dear Mr. McGivern,


I received my October order, but there were some errors. I received 20 dinner plates instead of 40, and seven water goblets arrived with cracks in the glass. Have you switched shipping carriers recently?


I have been a loyal customer since you opened five years ago, and never before have I experienced problems with an order. Incidentally, you might like to know that I spoke this morning with Ed Salek, owner of nearby Salek’s Cafe. He mentioned that his last delivery from you had some mistakes too.


How soon can you fix my order? I have three parties coming up next week, so I need these items quickly.



Deshauna Jacques



To:  Deshauna Jacques <deshaunajaeques@deshaunascreations.ca>
From: Pete McGivern <pete.mcgivern@mcgivernwholesale.ca>
Subject: Re: October order
Date: October 17

Dear Ms. Jacques,


I was very sorry to learn about your order, and about Mr. Salek’s as well; I will extend my apology to him today. You are a valued customer, and I am embarrassed that you received such a poor shipment. We are in the middle of moving to a new warehouse, and it has not gone as smoothly as I had hoped. Regardless. I want to make amends as soon as possible. I have put in an order to correct the mistakes, and I hope you will accept a 15 percent discount on your next shipment: Just use code 15D when placing your order.


Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to correct this.


Yours sincerely,

Pete McGivern


  1. Why was the first e-mail sent?

(A) To ask for customer feedback

(B) To seek a solution to a problem

(C) To request a refund on an item

(D) To cancel an order for tableware

  1. What item was received damaged?

(A) 14L

(B) 17P

(C) 18S

(D) 21G

  1. In the second e-mail, the word “extend” in paragraph 1, line 1, is closest in meaning to

(A) offer

(B) delay

(C) continue

(D) increase

  1. What is NOT indicated about McGivern Wholesale?

(A) It does business with restaurants.

(B) It is changing the location of a facility.

(C) It has been operating for five years.

(D) It is revising its price list.

  1. What will McGivern Wholesale give to Ms. Jacques?

(A) A rebate on shipping charges

(B) An extra package of table linens

(C) A reduced price on her next order

(D) An updated invoice


Questions 191-195 refer to the following form, notice, and e-mail.


Reddford Construction

450 Matilda Drive

Lexington, Kentucky 40502

Prepared for: Jenny Choi, 518 Buffalo Springs Road

Prepared by: Gabriel Nunez

Date: March 15

Cost Estimate No.: 50190





Unglazed ceramic floor tiles (@ $2.49/tile)

Premium bright white grout (@ $32.99/gallon)

Labor for preparation, installation, and cleanup (@ $35/hour)








All estimates are valid for one month unless otherwise specified.


New Lexington City Ordinance


As of March 30, all construction companies must have a building permit ($100 for residential buildings; $300 for commercial buildings) before  beginning a renovation project for each client. To complete an application : for your construction project, contact City Hall at 859—555—0103.


To: Nunez <gnunez@1‘eddfordcon.com>
From: Jenny Choi <jchoi86@citymail.com>
Date: Friday, April 2 10:12 A.M.
Subject: Permits


Dear Mr. Nunez;


I’m writing concerning the job in my dining room that I’d like to contract you for. I’d like work to begin on April 10, but after looking at the estimate you sent me, I have a question about your calculation of the total cost. Specifically, does your estimate take into account any permits that would be needed for the job? A colleague told me that there is an ordinance that went into effect last month requiring building permits for any renovation project. I really liked the job you did installing carpeting and painting in my living room last year, and I would prefer to work with a company that I know. However, I am on a tight budget, so I need to consider the charge for the building permit in the overall cost of the project. Could you please get back to me at your earliest convenience?



Jenny Choi



  1. On April 10, what work does Ms. Choi want Mr. Nunez to do for her?

(A) Deliver furniture

(B) Install tiles

(C) Clean the living room carpets

(D) Paint the dining room walls

  1. What will happen after April 15 ?

(A) Ms. Choi’s application will be reviewed.

(B) Ms. Choi will receive a final bill.

(C) The new city ordinance will go into effect.

(D) The cost estimate will become invalid.

  1. How much will likely be added to Ms. Choi’s estimate?

(A) $32.99

(B) $35.00

(C) $100.00

(D) $300.00

  1. In the e-mall, the word “contract” in paragraph 1, line 1, is closest in meaning to

(A) reduce

(B) retain

(C) collect

(D) purchase

  1. What does Ms. Choi indicate about Reddford Construction?

(A) She has hired them for a job before.

(B) She needs to reschedule an appointment with them.

(C) She thinks that their prices are too high.

(D) She believes that they bought too many tiles.


Questions 196-200 refer to the following article, e-mail, and text message.

Cardiff Daily Times
In Brief—20 March


As reported earlier this year, Gold Kettle Grocery is opening an additional regional distribution centre in Cardiff. Construction was postponed for a time because of an unanticipated problem related to the ground conditions on the site. However, the problem has been resolved, and the 40,000—square— metre centre should be fully operational in June. The grand opening is planned for the fourth or” June. The warehouse has a special area with state-of—the-art equipment to store foods that need to be kept frozen or cool. The site will also include loading bays and offices.


The distribution centre is expected to create more than 400 new jobs, according to Myles Simler, Vice president of operations. Because of the size and scope of the project, a variety of jobs will be needed, from warehouse loaders and drivers to clerical positions. 



To: Myles Simler <msimler@goldkettle.co.uk>
From:  Raadhika Baral <rbara1@goldkettle.co.uk>
Subject: Information
Date:  26 June
Attachment: Notification comparison


Dear Myles;

Thanks for giving me a lift to the grand opening earlier this month. I do not believe I have ever seen such a well-planned event. We should send Ping Chen something to show him our appreciation for organising it.


Now that the centre in Cardiff has been open for a few weeks, I think we should consider hiring a company that forwards automatic notifications to employees’ mobile phones. Such a service would allow us to get messages to them quickly and also prevent mistakes with shipments. I have a contact who has worked in customer service at Calls For You. I think it’s a good company, but Raven Notifications also looks good, and their rates are lower. I have attached information about both companies to help you decide Which one we might use. Let me know what you think.



Raadhika Baral


Raven Notifications             11:43 A.M


To Gold Kettle Employees-The frozen-goods shipment scheduled to arrive on Tuesday will not arrive until Wednesday. Employees  who had volunteered to work additional hours on Tuesday night 7 at the Cardiff distribution centre will not be needed. However, ‘ we will need additional help for the overnight shift on Wednesday night. If you are interested in working additional hours at that time, please contact Becca Johnston in Human Resources.



  1. What is the purpose of the article?

 (A) To provide an update on a local project

(B) To discuss state-of-the-art warehouse equipment

(C) To report on local businesses that plan to hire more workers

(D) To explain difficulties encountered on a construction project

  1. In the article, the word ”scope“ in paragraph 2, line 4, is closest in meaning to

(A) instrument used for viewing

(B) evaluation

(C) time of completion

(D) extent

  1. What is most likely true about the Cardiff distribution center?

(A) It had a problem with food storage.

(B) lts grand opening was successful.

(C) Mr. Simler was recently hired there.

(D) Ms. Baral was unhappy with its service.

  1. What company was chosen by Mr. Simler?

(A) The company that Ms. Baral’s contact works for

(B) The company with the most reliable customer—service representatives

(C) The company that has lower rates than a competitor

(D) The company with an overnight call center

  1. What does the text message ask employees who want additional work to do?

(A) Arrive on Tuesday night

(B) Contact the personnel office

(C) Reply to the message with the hours they can work

(D) Go to a different distribution center

Đáp án























































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